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Poster: OTRRArchive Date: Mar 14, 2008 7:37pm
Forum: oldtimeradio Subject: ATTN: Alexis - Weird Characters

I've noticed lately that some characters, mostly apostrophes, are appearing OK on a page, but when I use the search or browse functions, and different items are listed, the apostrophe is showing up as a series of weird characters, rather than as an apostrophe: for example, the word "it's" is appearing as "it’s" (I can't tell as I'm typing this note whether or not this will show up once I submit this -- in any case, there's three different characters between the "t" and the "s"). When I go in to edit the metadata, I also see these weird characters. These are on many of our OTRR pages, and most of them we haven't changed in a long time, so I'm assuming that something has changed on's end.

Is this something temporary? Or should we take the time and go in and clean all of these up on all of our pages?